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Put your customers at the heart of your data decisions with our GDPR compliant preference management solution and cookie manager. Build trust - and your sales pipeline.

Reduce complexity and propel your business forward

Cookie manager, consent manager and preference manager - what's the difference


A Cookie Manager manages cookie consent across your customer’s devices. Create a cookie banner and monitor how the design, content or placement performs.


A consent and preference manager links cookie consent, marketing consent and preferences together giving customers greater transparency.


A Preference Manager captures marketing consent, such as opting into newsletters, offers etc. It gives you a GDPR-compliant audit trail, updated in real-time from multiple touchpoints.

Shoztech Security Consult

Why choose a digital whistleblowing solution?

Email opt-in rate of 60%

We implemented the Shoztech platform and within 6 weeks had captured consent for over 100,000 passengers with a 68% email opt-in rate.

Tired of blanket unsubscribes?

Personalise your communications more effectively and send relevant, engaging content that your customers will love, by simply understanding them better. Research from McKinsey has found that personalisation can deliver five to eight times more ROI on marketing spend - and can boost sales by 10% or more. If a customer wants less communication from you, don’t lose them forever with ‘unsubscribe all’ - implement a preference management platform and ask them to update their preferences, interests, frequency – anything you wish!

Happy customer equals quality data

Data without consent is practically worthless. Not just from a legislation point of view, but from a quality perspective, too. DMA research shows between 85% and 88% of consumers say transparency over data collection and sharing, are important factors when sharing personal information with businesses. Be clear about what data you are collecting and how it will be used - and you’ll get valuable data alongside happy, loyal customers