Shoztech Security for Financial Institution

Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions

Shoztech’s broad-spectrum access security tools are trusted and relied upon by FSP (financial sector profile) compliant organizations like yours. Our security software is easy to integrate and deploy, offers bankers and fintech talent a superior user experience, helps support compliance initiatives and, above all, helps prevent security breaches effectively.


Why Invest in FSP Cybersecurity?

With an online presence now more expansive than ever, banking, fintech and other financial institutions’ data security is not only important (and required!), but also mission critical to securing the global economy. Shoztech offers safety measures for all banking apps and online programs used by insurance providers, mortgage brokers, fintech organizations, auto dealers and more.

Comprehensive Financial Access Control

With its fintech-friendly interface and reliability, Shoztech can help financial institutions mitigate endpoint-variable risks, within any server and any application.

Authenticate All Parties in All Fintech and Banking Environments

Chief information security officers (CISOs), IT admins, bankers and most other finance professionals typically use many software applications and servers on a day-to-day basis. Third-party vendors also handle some of these applications, which can pose a challenge for CISOs seeking a thorough authentication strategy. With Shoztech, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Engineered to work inside of any application or server environment, Shoztech performs with potency with your remote workforce, too, and even in secure shell (SSH)-based endpoints. Our simple authentication interface makes two-factor easy at every access point, so everything from cloud-based applications like Microsoft Azure to localized ledger system applications like SAP’s FI-GL can be protected with no added burden on staff. Furthermore, our SSO (single sign-on) feature makes jumping between banking and fintech applications simpler than ever; verify once per server login, and Shoztech automates secure access to every app with zero-trust infrastructure!

Mitigate Insider Threat with Visibility Features

With Shoztech, every single endpoint can be monitored, measured and cataloged 24/7, helping your bank or FSP company regulate visibility to prevent insider threats. In both managed and unmanaged devices, our cybersecurity products provide one of the best strategies against data compromises. With Shoztech, your institution will have highly specific overhead visibility on all user access and all data usage.

Device Insight adds rigor to your arsenal of endpoint security tools, but to enhance endpoint management even further, employ Trust Monitor. This product feature models authentication and access data from a multitude of endpoint perspectives, ensuring full-scope analytics on every user, in any server, working within any application. Trust Monitor’s detailed and legible analytics also help improve finance industry compliance audit performance, preventing expensive and exhaustive endpoint auditing procedures for your company.

Secure Financial Compliance with Multi-Factor Authentication and More

Our security solutions help support NIST, FFIEC, NYDFS, NAIC, PCI-DSS and FTC Safeguards compliance mandates through the use of MFA (multi-factor authentication). We’re also a leading access management software provider, offering device insight and adaptive access policies to help satisfy SOC2, as well as any other FSP mandates that require broad-spectrum access control. With Shoztech’s cybersecurity product lineup, secure access can be easier than ever before.

Supporting GDPR regulations and ISAC standardizations, we help enable all employees, including contractors and third-party vendors, to stay secure while accessing sensitive data at your banking, financial services or fintech organization.