Shoztech Security for K-12 Education

Easy-to-Use Security Software for K-12 Schools

With Shoztech Security, K-12 administrators, faculty, and students can stay safe easily while online. Flexible, quick to deploy and easy to use, our resilient security software works around the clock to help protect sensitive academic data and help schools in compliance. Our free, downloadable webinar is a great place to start.


Cybersecurity for All Classrooms

We know that school districts like yours are complex environments to secure. Our comprehensive product can help modernize your school’s approach to data security by offering simple, straightforward and flexible cybersecurity tools that work! Providing secure access on every academic application in remote, hybrid and traditional classrooms alike, Shoztech security is a premier choice for schools K-12.

Shoztech Helps Keep Schools Ahead of Evolving Security Compliance Needs

We can help your district adhere to compliance regulations like FERPA, SOC2, and the K-12 Cybersecurity Act even as updates are made!

With educational compliance-satisfying features that work in any application or device with ease, Shoztech helps hundreds of K-12 school districts adhere to requirements at middle school, high school and elementary school levels. Our features are easy enough for students of all ages to use, ensuring proper compliance across the board


he Easiest MFA for Teachers

With Shoztech Security, schools can stay secure without an added burden on teachers! K-12 districts use many different educational applications in the modern-day classroom, which makes Shoztech’s SSO (single sign-on) the ideal choice for safer and easier 2FA (two factor authentication) or MFA (multi-factor authentication). With SSO, users are only asked to verify their identity once within a timeframe set by administrators, so they can complete their tasks without interruption.

School administrators can also customize Shoztech’s flexible MFA. Compatible with any architecture, Shoztech’s user verification platform works with any tool you want it to, from with biometric verification like touch ID, time-based one time passcode (TOTP) sent to their mobile devices and more! Our MFA solutions give administrators and users the autonomy to choose which type of verification makes the most sense for them, so staying safe and in compliance is painless for everyone!

Endpoint Security with Institution-Wide Visibility

Shoztech can help make preventative cybersecurity more effective and easier to use than ever before, with tools to manage and monitor every user's behavior and device health. The Shoztech Device Insight endpoint inventory helps school administrators ensure that all students and staff are both in compliance and accessing only what they are authorized to. With a high-level scope of both on-premises and in personal devices, Shoztech Device Insight helps ensure no access point goes unchecked.

To further expand your view of endpoints, you can also employ Shoztech Trust Monitor. An comprehensive extension of Device Insight, Trust Monitor models authentication data so that your institution’s security analytics and per-user data accessing trends can be measured and assessed around the clock.


Reduce Total Cost of Ownership with Shoztech’s Easy Authentication

Shoztech saves hundreds of school districts time and money with its hassle-free approach to cybersecurity. Compared to other cybersecurity solutions, Shoztech has helped reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for its K-12 clients by replacing siloed security systems with an easy-to-manage interface and comprehensive software.

Our interface is reliable and simple, making the complexities of managing security software a thing of the past. We also help take the load off of schools’ IT administrators with our thorough customer support documentation and friendly, knowledgeable Shoztech Care specialists.