Shoztech Security for Retail Organization

Modern MFA For Retail’s Hybrid Workforce

Modern retail organizations are moving data to the cloud while still accessing on-premises applications. This makes multi-factor authentication (MFA) software an important addition to the retail sector’s security strategy. Shoztech’s strong endpoint security helps protect credentials and helps stop lateral movement. Our MFA works in all settings and also helps keep retail companies Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant... and more!


Go Beyond PCI DSS Compliant

MFA is a key requirement for PCI DSS compliance. Retail orgs are often a target for bad actors because they handle and store a lot of personal data like credit card information. Shoztech MFA can help your company meet key PCI DSS compliance requirements and reliably protect user data with flexibility, convenience and ease of use. Duo offers a wide variety of authentication methods including push notifications, passwordless, tokens, SMS and callbacks, making it easy to choose the authentication method that is right for your employees.

Shoztech's MFA and access control solutions also align with compliance goals under System and Organization Control (SOC) levels 1-3, The FTC's Sarbanes-Oxley Act (including the FTC Safeguards Rule and The Health Breach Notification Rule), GDPR and more!


Effectively Mitigate Risk

Third-Party Vendors

Retail organizations often employ third-party vendors or contractors, but this can create additional security challenges. With Duo MFA, securing your VPN, endpoints and devices is simple — and can prevent fallout from third-party security breaches. Shoztech’s adaptive access policies help restrict access to applications and data to those who truly need it, providing trusted access to critical systems

Shoztech Security consult

Why Shoztech Security Consult is Special

We’ve Got You and Your Users Covered

Shoztech security supports any user and any device, whether company-owned or BYOD (bring your own device). We seamlessly integrate with on-premises and cloud apps too!

Faster Than a Speeding Hacker

With rapid deployment and an easy-to-use product that your users can adopt quickly, shoztech security helps you quickly respond to changing threats.

Just Right for Your Cybersecurity Needs

Shoztech Security grows with your business! Our flexible and scalable tools offer authentication methods for all your users’ needs.

Easy to Use

Users love how simple Shoztech security makes it to enroll and authenticate. Administrators appreciate how easy it is to deploy Shoztech security and manage our powerful tools.