Shoztech Security for Technology

Secure Access to Business Data

Your intellectual property is vital to your bottom line - keeping it secure without sacrificing user privacy or productivity isn’t easy. Shoztech’s trusted access solution integrates with your users’ devices without the use of an agent.


Protect Every User

Stronger Access Controls

By verifying the identities of your users with two-factor authentication, Shoztech ensures trusted users as part of a complete trusted access solution. Advanced access policies allow you to control who can access what, under what conditions.

Our Shoztech mobile app integrates seamlessly into your authentication workflow, collecting data without the use of agents. It’s also intuitively easy for users to self-enroll, and admins to manage and deploy..

Trusted Users

In addition to verifying their identities, Shoztech’s trusted access solution ensures trusted devices by checking the security health of their phones, tablets, laptops and more before they’re granted access.

Devices with outdated software are at greater risk of getting compromised via known vulnerabilities. To protect against risks, Shoztech lets you block any risky devices, and enables users to update right away.

With advanced device access policies, you can use geolocation controls to block authentication attempts from countries you don’t do business in, as well as block anonymous networks like Tor or VPN proxies

Every Application

Protect your developers and source code from attacks on your production systems by integrating two-factor authentication with your local (SSH) and remote UNIX logins. Shoztech’s trusted access solution ensures every application is protected by easily integrating with nearly every popular web, cloud, on-premises application, VPN, remote access gateway, and more. We also provide APIs to secure custom applications.

Risk Detection

Proactive access security requires continuous vigilance. With Shoztech Trust Monitor, you can consistently monitor for access risk. Shoztech Trust Monitor ingests all authentication logs and analyzes them with machine learning to uncover anomalous or risky access attempts. These events are surfaced within the Shoztech Admin Panel, but can also be easily exported via API to other security tools.