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UK GDPR Consultancy

Data Protection compliance made easy for your business - delivered by a team of experts

Get tailored advice on helping your business achieve Data Protection compliance. Build long term customer trust, avoid fines, and improve brand accountability — all while putting the data subjects' rights at the center of your Data Protection strategy.


Data Protection Consultancy - Simplified

  • Every company has unique needs when it comes to managing their data, so we tailor our services around your specific requirements.
  • Develop a solution that meets both your business objectives and legal obligations, while ensuring that all information is protected from unauthorised access or disclosure.
  • Our experienced team will act in accordance with industry best practices, so you know that your information is being handled responsibly.
  • How can you prove compliance to investors or business partners?
  • Shoztech consulting helps with every stage of the compliance process and offers guidance and direction from compliance to practical knowledge of data privacy.

UK GDPR Consultancy - Simplified

  • Our team guides you through all the steps of GDPR compliance, so you know exactly what your companies are required to do by law.
  • GDPR consultants work with your teams to ensure they understand their role in the process and are properly trained on how they should handle any personal data they collect or receive.

Why should you use a consultant from Shoztech

Our team of experts specialises in the field of data protection consultancy and is ready to work with you to make sure that all of your business's critical information is safely stored and maintained.

We'll be able to customise our recommendations based on the needs of your organisation and provide expert guidance on how best to meet those needs.

  • Work with trusted experts - Shoztech consists of a 100+ team from the fields of law, business & IT.
  • Earn customer trust - Set your brand apart with strong privacy practices and a transparent approach to consent.
  • Save time and money - Benefit from user-friendly processes, jargon-free explanations, and a dedicated expert to help you every step of your compliance journey.