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Is your business ready for the EU directive?

Our Whistleblowing solution combines specialist advice from compliance experts with software from EQS.

Secure and anonymous

  • Enable your employees to report misconduct such as corruption, abuses of power or discrimination internally before complaints become public..
  • Get everything you need to comply with the EU Whistleblowing Directive.

Bridge knowledge gaps

  • Our team of experts helps set up and optimize your whistle blowing system
  • Eye-level support to review case plausibility and to provide best practices and recommendations
Shoztech Security Consult

Why choose a digital whistleblowing solution?

Whistleblowing systems will become mandatory in the EU

Whistleblowers who have the courage to report wrongdoing often face discrimination or other negative consequences as a result. The EU Whistleblowing Directive entered into force on 16 December 2019, with the law being effective as of December 2021. In the future, any business with over 50 employees must provide secure and effective internal reporting channels. Companies who don’t comply with this new law will risk significant fines and the corresponding reputational damage.

Reduce corruption risk

Whistleblowers are vital for combatting fraud and misconduct. Implementing a secure whistleblowing solution promotes transparent and trusting corporate culture, which in turn facilitates clear and honest communication amongst your employees. This means you can deal with issues before they become public and result in financial and/or reputational damage.

Protect your employees

Giving your employees, freelancers, suppliers and business partners a secure channel to report abuses of power protects their identity and makes them more likely to speak up. Our solution uses encryption to guarantee that the whistleblower’s anonymity cannot be traced by technical means.